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The Picnic Formula to Creating Lifelong Customers


In order to build a business that creates a substantial profit, you need a variety of products.

Don’t misunderstand that to mean you need a lot of products.

You just need a collection of products that compliment one another.

By doing so, you end up creating a suite of products the build off of one another and create an evolutionary sales cycles that grows with the customer.

I like to call this The Picnic Formula.

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How to Kickstart Your New Idea to Ensure Success

Early on in my online career I kind of stumbled into moderate success.

I started a web design shop and had a blog to help promote the shop.

Within weeks of launching and with no real marketing, the blog became fairly popular. So I decided to run with it.

I didn’t do any sort of research before I started the blog. I had no plan.

I just kind of went with the flow and learned on the fly.

That might sound awesome, but it wasn’t.

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Getting Started with Landing Pages


Did you know that the number of landing pages you have has a statistical impact on the amount of emails you collect?

That is a super scientific sounding way of saying, the more landing pages you have on your website, the more emails you will collect.

So what the heck is a landing page and how do I make them?

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How to Make Sure Your Idea Will Actually Make You Money


When I first got into business for myself I had tons of ideas. It felt like every day I had an idea for a new business.

I tried to make many of those ideas into a business.

The majority of them failed.

While there are plenty of reasons why, one of the biggest was that I didn’t do enough research and planning into the idea.

I knew enough at the time to at least do some mild research about competition and what others were doing.

But thats not enough.

You need to do more than just research your ideal business, you need to validate it.

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How Many New Email Subscribers Should You Be Getting Daily?


One question I think everyone has, especially when starting out, is how many people should I be adding to my email list? What is a healthy number of subscribers to aim for on a daily basis?

It is easy to say that you want to get 10 new subscribers a day. That is a great goal to have. But what happens when you end up only averaging 1 or 2 subscribers a day?

You will likely get discouraged and end up binge watching Bones on Netflix and forget about your list.

Now, what if 1 or 2 subscribes a day was exactly what you should have been getting all along?

Then you could have celebrated by binge watching Bones!

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The 3 Step Formula for the Perfect About Page


It’s always been super interesting to me that a websites about page tends to be one of the most popular pages on any site.

Obviously this isn’t the case for site like CNN or eBay. But for any kind indieprenuer website it is very much the case.

People like to know who they are buying from.

They like to know why the person is making what they are making.

How did they learn how to make?

Maybe this remedies a strange stalker fetish everyone has or maybe we just like to feel more connected to the people we buy from.

That said, how well is your about page connecting with your website visitors?

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How to Print Money by Adding an Opt-In to your Sidebar


If you aren’t collecting email addresses on your website you are loosing money.

Having a targeted email list is like being able to print money and who wouldn’t want to print money?

By having an email list you now have immediate access to people who are interested in that you have to sell.

I think a lot of indieprenuers don’t think about growing an email list because to them it translates to spam or newsletters.

Both of which are something they don’t want to be associated with. I get it.

The thing is though, an email list is much more than just a newsletter.

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Can Your Sidebar Bring You More Business?


The sidebar is one of those areas on a website that I think a lot of people just don’t know what to do with.

Typically they do one of two things; they overstuff it with widgets because they see it like that on other sites, or they just get rid of it altogether because they don’t know what to do with it.

Both of those are the wrong thing to do.

I am a firm believer that you website should work for you as much as possible and your sidebar is labor force that ready to clock in.

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How to Get More Customers with One Line of Text


One of the most under utilized areas I see on any indeprenuers website is the menu. The menu is often one of the most viewed and most clicked items on your site.

If that’s the case, don’t you think it could do more for you than just tell your visitors where to go?

What if your website menu could help you get more customers?

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The One WordPress Setting that Could be Costing You Traffic


I am baffled and a little scared by the amount of indieprenuers sites I see that DON’T have permalinks setup on their site.

Permalink are one of the easiest things you can do to make your website more search engine friendly. It is quite literally a click of a button to make it happen.

The permalinks setting in WordPress takes your ugly urls and turns them into something much more search engine friendly.

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