Role Play Options that Cheap London Escorts Love

Role play is a great way of flirting with your escort’s wildest sexual fantasies. It is not even a surprise that most of us enjoy exploring an array of sexual scenarios through imagination and acting.

Here are some of the role plays often asked by cheap London escorts:

You are my boss, can I get a pay rise?

Role play that you are the employee and she is your boss. You are so desperate for a pay rise that you would do anything you could for her. Most escorts love it when they are in control and this can be the best role play for that. It is fun; both of you should dress appropriately. You can begin by sending each other some dirty texts or pretending to be in a corporate meeting.

Sex with any fiction based character or superhero

So she loves superman and you fancy cat woman; you can order the correct costumes and have them delivered in your hotel room or at her place, or anywhere else you choose to meet. The idea of superman banging the cat woman alone is wild as f*ck.

Age play (call me daddy)

This is perhaps the most common role play and there is a strong chance your escort has already tried. Here, you pretend you are lovers with a very big age difference – you are not just many years apart but you are father and daughter (crazy, right?). If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, you can choose to do a professional role play with a big age difference say, a receptionist and the CEO of a company. Get in your characters by dressing appropriately, doing research and being imaginative.


Most London escorts don’t limit what they can do when it comes to sex. This could be because sex itself is an art that we often find ourselves exploring every nook and crevice of it. So you should ask her if she is into dominant/submissive role plays – there is a strong chance she has engaged in it before. This replay works well when two partners are willing to let go of themselves and even switch roles.

Yoga Master/Instructor

It does not matter how flexible she is or how you view – anyone can make a great yoga instructor/master in the bedroom. You can go professional, contorting your hips and everything into that familiar yoga positions. But don’t overdo it, yoga novices are sexier. Whatever her aptitude or your experience in this area of replay, playing a yoga master is fun.

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