Free Wedding Photography Questionnaire by Gray Photography

A while back I signed up for the newsletter that Zach and Jody Gray put out. After signing up, they share with you a few resources and links. One such resource was their extensive wedding client questionnaire. I think a paper version of this form is great. Me being the digital nerd that I am however, decided to make it into a web friendly form. I took all 50+ fields and turned them into a Gravity form.

The file is a basic, very long, Gravity form. If you’d like, you can easily turn this into a paged form inside Gravity Forms. You can also add or delete any form fields you choose.

Be sure to show some love to Zach and Jody for the awesome resource.

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Why Use a Wedding Photography Questionnaire?

When it comes to photographing weddings there is information you have to know and information that would be nice to know. Information that you have to know includes things like the bride and grooms name, location of the wedding, dates, etc. Obviously. Information thats nice to know includes things like specific poses they want, styles they like, etc.

So how do you collect all this information? In a wedding photography questionnaire of course.

The problem is finding the right questions to ask and finding the right amount of questions to ask. You could obviously get answer to all the questions you have if you asked a hundred questions. But, ain’t nobody got time for that!

What you need to do is learn the right questions to ask in your wedding photography questionnaire. This will allow you to learn as much as possible about the couple, with minimal questioning.

More Free Wedding Photography Questionnaires

Not to interested in a digital format questionnaire? No worries, here you can find some free wedding photography questionnaires from other professional wedding photographers.

Nabity Photos
A ODF file that covers the basics of the wedding like who is in the party, location, date, etc.
Visit Website

Amanda Summerland
A great digital wedding photography questionnaire. Super cute website.
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GLK Creative
Another nice use of a digital wedding questionnaire form in action.
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Photography By Concentrate
Not a wedding photography questionnaire, but rather a nice article on the types of questions you should ask.
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Hemmers Bach Photography
A very simple wedding photography questionnaire. Nothing fancy, but covers the basics.
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Felimon Photo
An interesting wedding photography questionnaire. Very short, but asks some great questions to get the conversation going.
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Essential Wedding Photography Questionnaire Questions?

Are you an experienced wedding photographer? If so, we would love to hear what questions you find to be the most valuable to you. What questions do you ask the provide you with the most insight into the couple and what they want from their wedding photographer?

Let us know if the comment section below!

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